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The Sorcerer's Companion Alkazar 52 Ways 
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" From astrology to Grindylow to reading tea leaves to witch persecution, this fascinating volume gets to the bottom of every magical mystery connected with Hogwarts....  For fans of the tremendously popular Harry Potter series, or anyone who is intrigued by magical lore, the Sorcerer's Companion will quickly become a true friend."
- Emilie Coulter, Editor and Reviewer, Amazon.
"... interesting and informative, easy to read, and fairly wide-ranging.  Readers who can't get enough of Harry Potter will enjoy learning about arithmancy, spell casting, and much more ...
- School Library Journal
" Each alphabetically organized entry contains a potent blend of fact, fiction and folklore.  The 'Broomstick' entry, for instance, details the effects of a purported 'flying ointment' that witches rub into their brooms to prepare for takeoff.  The section on 'The Sorcerer's Stone' explains the ancient Egyptian art of alchemy.  Thorough research and period prints combine to create a memorable book. "
- Publishers Weekly

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“One of the best books for the aspiring or neophyte magician I have come across.
A great ‘early’ book so well written that even an old-timer could benefit from studying it.”
- The Linking Ring International brotherhood of Magician
“This is what a magic book for kids should be.  Each chapter takes a classic effect and explains that effect in the context of some aspect of magic or performance theory….  serves as the general review all of us need from time to time.”
-  Michael Weber, Magic Magazine
“Genuinely revealing about the nature of inference…  Alkazar’s wisdom about means and ends opens a way to the creative extension of the individual acts set forth.”
- The Scientific American
“Undoubtedly the best so far…this well-written methods manual aims at quality over quantity, challenges the imagination….  A must for all magic collections.”
- School Library Journal
“Thoroughly enjoyable and will surely interest, excite, and perhaps inspire many young adult readers…  An excellent, nonfiction book appropriate for all middle and secondary school libraries.”
- Journal of Reading
“One of the more charming and thoughtful introductory magic texts for young readers that I’ve had the pleasure to come across.”
- Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii, The Conjuror’s Magazine
Of real value to young magicians and worthy of adding to your library.”
- MUM, Journal of the Society of American Magicians

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“This book has class, depth and covers a mountain of territory.  For the price and the depth of material offered, this could be one of the best books of the century on the subject.”
- Howard Schwartz, Gamblers Book Shop
“A remarkably fresh turn on an old subject.  Without doubt, the first book I would buy a friend who asks, ‘I’m in a weekly poker game. Do you think anyone would try to cheat me?’
- Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii Magazine
"This is one of the best books written on poker cheating, and should be in the hands of everyone who plays for money - from friendly Friday night games, to people who play in card rooms, to tournament pros. The author has done his homework, and gives the reader a superb education in the varied ways that hustlers and cheaters rob you of your money. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Then read it. You will not be disappointed.
- Jim Swain, Crime Novelist and sleight of hand expert
“Kronzek’s delightful compendium is a fun and witty guide to the nefarious methods card thieves use to, as they put it, “get the money” – your money. He helps arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to protect yourself and he presents it with all the verve and snap of a crisply dealt card.”
-Karl Johnson, author of The Magician and the Cardsharp
“This little book could actually change your life.”
- Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated
"...A marvelous course in cheating at poker told by a magician familiar with all the usual suspects....  Although Mr. Kronzek supplies the basics of false dealing, shuffling, cuts, and other sleights useful at the card table, the thrilling gist of this book is the strategies, the uses to which those sleights and techniques can be used to your advantage. Some are so clever and frankly so simple that they almost beg to be tried out in your next friendly game. I learned a lot from this book and enjoyed learning it. Mr. Kronzek is a fine writer as well as a keen gambling authority, and he has written a page turner.
- Steve Bryant, Little Egypt Magic
"Well-researched and funny to boot, this is an inexpensive but immensely useful resource."
- Rolando Santos, the Linking Ring

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And Other Presentations


This manuscript of four routines is intended for those who already possess  sleight-of-hand skills with cards.  If you are a beginner and unfamiliar with intermediate-level card technique, you will not be able to perform these routines.  Otherwise, place your order.


PLAYING WITH THE JOKERS:  The most effective routine you'll ever find for instantly disarming a group of spectators.  Impromptu, funny, amazing, and ideal for strolling performers.

DESTINY, CHNCE AND FREE WILL:  A unique performance piece in which an audience member freely orchestrates the elements of Destiny and Chance to impossible and uncanny effect.  Impromptu, from a shuffled deck in use.

 HYPNOTIZING BEN:  A very funny solution to the $100 Bill Trick.  The problem being – why would you possibly change a $100 bill back into a single?

 FAXING THE VISITOR:  Volunteers communicate via a magic fax in a version of Larry Jennings's classic The Visitor.  Impromptu, with a few new wrinkles.

$20 plus $2.00 P & H.


 “Some of the most interesting, creative, well-thought-out magical routines that I have been exposed to in some time. I cannot recommend Destiny, Chance and Free Will highly enough.”
-Paul Cummins

 “A theatrical and conjuring marvel…. The kind of work that truly contributes to the improvement of our art.”
-Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii
 “Practical material for those who work in the real world. I liked Mr. Kronzek’s presentations very much.”
-Michael Close, MAGIC

 “Raises the bar in magic literature for the working professional....  If quality is what you seek, you should make it a point to add Destiny, Chance & Free Will to your must-have list.”
 -Jim Sisti, The Magic Menu

"I have found your version of the title effect to be just terrific and very effective for me. It is an inspired piece and shows how a simple idea can be elevated to a classy status seemingly beyond what it appears to be at first consideration. Thanks for your insight and creativity.... It really teaches us a lot about using imagination and intelligence to effect something beyond what it purports to be. That great ideas don't have to be difficult to do...the fear factor is reduced and there is much room for entertainment and presentation.
- Bob Fitch