- The Art of Fooling -

Kids love magic.  But few know its amazing history, or how past societies regarded the art.  In this lively and informative presentation, author and magician Allan Zola Kronzek combines live performance, audience participation, paintings, photographs and theatrical posters to bring to life The Art of Fooling through the ages.

Students will experience magic as it was performed on the streets of ancient Greece, in the cities of Renaissance Europe, at an 18thcentury English fair, and on the modern stage.  They'll learn why medieval performers were sometimes feared as sorcerers, why a treatise on witch persecution was also the first book to explain magic tricks, and how the scientific revolution changed people’s perception of magic—and the world.

Age-appropriate performances for all grade levels.  Suitable for classroom or small auditorium.  Program length varies from 40-90 minutes, depending on grade level and number of performances. 

Allan Zola Kronzek is the author of A Book of Magic for Young Magicians – The Secrets of Alkazar, and the New York Times bestseller The Sorcerer's Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter.

  Reviews for the Art of Fooling

"Mr. Kronzek’s program was nothing short of exhilarating!  Every student was enthralled by the sophisticated magic he performed while bringing history to life.  Through the history of magic, Mr. Kronzek helped heighten our students' understanding of life and culture in the middle ages."
  - Jean Castelli,  Principal, McKenna Elementary, Massapequa

"The Hauppauge Middle School was fortunate to have Mr. Allan Kronzek give an outstanding performance during our sixth grade Medieval Day.  Mr. Kronzek is a wonderful presenter and is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. Students learned about the influence of magic throughout history, and especially during the Medieval period.   We are looking forward to having him back next year."
       -  Michele Aversano – Hauppauge Middle School

To keep 1,300 ninth-grade students engrossed in what you had to say is astonishing.  The Global Studies teachers were so pleased that you were able to address their curriculum issues.  Their students will remember your focus for many years to come.  That is the epitome of fine teaching."
     - Janet Gewritzman, Library Media Specialist, Brentwood Freshman Center

"Mr. Kronzek would be an outstanding presenter in any school district.  He has performed several times at Half Hollow Hills Gifted Program for grade five, and both the students and staff have gleaned valuable knowledge from his programs."
      - Valerie G. Geiler, Assistant Principal, Candlewood Middle School, Half Hollow Hills 

"Allan Kronzek is a superior magician, a knowledgeable historian and a skilled educator.  The children were entranced by his juggling of science, sorcery, and sociology.  It was a most magical evening."
   -  Philip Stuart, Academically High Aptitude Program, Half Hollow Hills, retired.

"Sure, Mr. Kronzek is a magician and amazes students with his sleight of hand, but 
He  is so much more.  He gives us all a sense of the history of magic, from 
Mesopotamia a to Houdini to Copperfield.  He’s an educator and entertainer – a must see for any grade level!"
     - Ken Scisco, 5th grade teacher, Southampton Intermediate School

"Pierson Middle School recently had the pleasure of having Allan Kronzek perform
 for the sixth and seventh grade. The performance combined a  great balance of 
engaging magic tricks with learning about magic from historical, artistic and scientific perspectives.  Audience participation is always appealing to tweens and this
 experience provided the impetus for students to think more critically about magic
 and its role in history."
      -  Barbara Bekermus, Assistant Principal, Pierson Middle-High School