- Exploring the Magical World of Harry Potter -

Based on Allan's international bestseller, The Sorcerer’s Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter, this visiting-author program combines magical performance, audience participation, and a lively exchange with students to explore the roots of Harry's magical universe in legend, literature, and real-life events.  Students discover the ancient origins of wands and wizards, boggarts and broomsticks, hippogriffs and herbology, centaurs, unicorns and more.  It is not necessary to have read the Harry Potter books to enjoy and benefit from this program. 

Age-appropriate performances for grades 4-9.  Suitable for classroom or small auditorium.  Program length varies from 60-90 minutes, depending on grade level and number of performances. 

Reviews for Exploring the Magical World of Harry Potter

"The Sorcerer's Companion could not have come at a better time!  Mr. Kronzek's presentation brought our students a whole ne level of understanding and appreciation for the Harry Potter books.  Our students were spellbound!"
- Jean Castelli, Asst. Principal, McKenna Elementary, Massapequa

"Your Harry Potter program was nothing short of inspiring.  In the time you devoted to us, you managed to guide us through a thorough understanding of the development of magic throughout history.  Your highly interactive program also managed to incorporate powerful understanding in social studies, Language Arts, and science, while at the same time being thoroughly enjoyable.  In short, you are not only a professional magician and a bestselling author, but you are most certainly a master teacher.
- Robert Dougherty, Assistant Principal, Robert Moses Middle School

"Mr. Kronzek would be an outstanding guest speaker in any school district.  He has performed several times for the fifth grade Half Hollow Hills Gifted Program, and both students and staff have gleaned valuable knowledge from his programs.
- Valerie Geiler, Gifted and Enrichment Services Facilitator